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Toggle Switch Manufacturers - Salecom

Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the leading rocker switch manufacturers based in Taiwan, since 1976.

Salecom's switch manufacturing plant meets ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001 standards, along with UL, CQC, CSA, IP67 waterproof, ENEC and TUV certified toggle switch, rocker switch, slide switch, rotary dip switch complete lines of production for your selection.

Salecom has been offering customers models of switches for their applications, with both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Salecom makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Quality Control

Salecom QC
1. IQC
    Main Responsibility:
  • Spot-check the material dimension, ingredients and etc… based on standard inspection procedure in order to effectively reduce inferior parts into the manufacturing process.
  • The qualified materials are then stamped with a mark “PASS” on the label and warehouse testing report.
Salecom QC Photo
  a. Dimension MeasurementSalecom QC Photo
  • Utilizing Misutoyo caliper to measure the material including case, actuator, cover and so on.
  • Misutoyo profile projector is for precision measurement
  b. Electro-plating coating thickness testSalecom QC Photo
  • Fischer X-Ray coating thickness gauge is to test the material and thickness of electro-plate coating.
    Main Responsibility:
  • Implement self-inspection and patrol inspection based on the standard operation procedure in order to prevent substandard parts from going to the next work station.
Salecom QC Photo
  a. Mold / Tool AdjustmentSalecom QC Photo
  • The tools are regularly handed to our engineering division for precision measurement in order to avoid any accuracy alteration caused during the production process.
3. FQC
    Main Responsibility:
  • Implement the inspection on the quality of finished products by using testing equipment in order to eliminate inferior products not judged by the outer appearance or caused by electric characteristic.
Salecom QC Photo
  a. Function Test and Contact Resistance TestSalecom QC Photo
  • Utilizing specialized testing tool to test if the function is normal.
  • Utilizing digital miliohmmeter & comparator to test the contact resistance in order to effectively eliminate inferior products.
4. OQC
  • Spot-check each lot of products for quality before final shipment. We also have a destructive test on the operating life in order to minimize inferior products to be shipped to customers.
Salecom QC Photo
  a. Waterproof TestSalecom QC Photo
  • For sealed switches, we have bubble test by utilizing fluorocarbon 3M FC-40.
  b. Feeling TestSalecom QC Photo
  • Utilizing AICOH testing equipment to make feeling test for pushbutton switches.
  c. Mechanical Life & Electrical Life TestSalecom QC Photo
  • Utilizing endurance testing machine to test the operating life in rated current load.
  d. Environment TestSalecom QC Photo
  • Utilizing imported environment testing machine to test the resistance low temperature, resistance high temperature and resistance humidity.
  e. Insulation Resistance TestSalecom QC Photo
  • GW Instek multi-function testing facilities is to test the insulation resistance and dielectric strength.