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Salecom Introduction

Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Switches Manufacture Industry. Salecom has been offering our customers high quality toggle switch, rocker switch, slide switch, pushbutton switch, tact switch, key switch, dip switch, micro switch, connector, illuminated switch since 1976. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Salecom always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • High Performance Key Switches - Key Switches
    High Performance Key Switches

    ◆This switch is used for medical devices. ◆This product has dual loop and single loop function. ◆The feature is to enable asynchronous conduction in the case of dual loops. It can be used under conditions such as preventing misoperation, aiming and pre- pressing. ◆The internal contacts are gold-plated copper alloy for low current, signal transmission and more. ◆Application: Electric burning knife, Surgical forceps.

  • Illuminated Washable Tact Switches - Tact Switches
    Illuminated Washable Tact Switches

    ◆This switch is used for automobile industry. ◆This product can be matched with different color LED lights. ◆The product body replaces the terminals with PCB lines to reduce the height of the product body. ◆The button is made of a hard transparent film and a silicone adhesive process. ◆Application: Automotive interior light, Automotive seat control.

  • Washable Tact Switches 12x12 - Tact Switches
    Washable Tact Switches 12x12

    ◆12*12 washable tact switch. ◆This product is used in industrial equipment control panel. ◆There are two operation force specifications for customers to choose.

  • Metal Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches
    Metal Pushbutton Switches

    ◆This switch is used for industrial control handle, automotive AC/DC inverter power control. ◆The body is made of alloy material, which has high strength and is suitable for harsh conditions. ◆The switching action feature is that it can continue to press down a distance after switch conduction. ◆The switch can be matched with caps of different colors and shapes.

  • Industrial Toggle Switches - Toggle Switches
    Industrial Toggle Switches

    ◆With high amperage and metal or insulated lever. ◆This product is manufactured from a single piece of metal, increasing the mechanical strength. ◆Waterproof rating IP68. ◆Application: Outdoor large equipment and machinery.

  • Toggle Switches for drone controller - Toggle Switches
    Toggle Switches for drone controller

    ◆Switch specialized for model airplane. ◆Low voltage and low current. ◆Multi-position for choice. ◆Application: Remote controller.

  • Automobile Power Rocker Switches - Rocker Switches
    Automobile Power Rocker Switches

    ◆This switch is used in the car lamp power control ◆Excellent anti-vibration performance ◆Product rated current voltage is 5A/28VDC ◆Available in two-position and three-position models

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